Promotional Products

Create Awareness, Motivate Customers NOW!

The Power of Promotional Products

If you want to create awareness and motivate clients to buy from you NOW, then give them something that will generate actual results – a printed promotional item.

According to a groundbreaking study* of 618 business people:

  • 84% remembered the company that gave them the promotional product.
  • 62% of participants did business with the advertiser AFTER receiving promotional items
  • 42% of participants reported having a more favorable impression of the advertiser while virtually none indicated any negative feelings.

* Advertising Specialty Impact and Exposure Study – October 2008 final report.

Norwood Celeste Pens

Used correctly, promo items create an incredibly powerful impact because they are used over and over again, reminding your prospects of your business and message every time the item is used. This frequency of exposure makes promo items a key to successful marketing.

Promotional products are also the most cost-effective way to get your message in front of your prospects, with their low cost per impression versus other forms of advertising, including TV, radio and print advertising. They have the lowest average CPI (Cost Per Impression) of $.004; no other form of advertising gives you such powerful results at such a low cost.


You can’t just give away something cheap and hope that somehow your marketing message will reach your customers. Let us show you how to select the right product to give your promotion a purpose!

Ask yourself these questions to help you choose the right product to target your message to your prospects:

  • What am I wanting to accomplish with my promotional item? (Promotional products are great at getting people to do things.)
  • Who do I want to reach?
  • What do I want to communicate to my targeted audience? (You need a strong, compelling benefit statement to improve results.)
  • Where do I want to reach my prospects? (At work? Home? In the car?)
  • How will I get the item and message into their hands? (The delivery method is one of the most important parts of the promotion).
  • When do I want results: Now or several weeks from now?

“When it comes to promoting your company or organization, your promotional products should match the quality of your business. No one is going to believe you are a top-rate company if your promotional products are second-rate.”

Yvonne Morrison

Managing Partner, Image Apparel & Marketing

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